Four Generations: Linda O'Dell, Megan Holmes, Diane Schneider, Madeline Holmes

Sharing Our Family Tradition with Your Family

On Christmas Eve of 2018, snuggled warm in his Christmas jammies, my son, Owen, asked me the question “Who is Jammie Claus?” 

For generations, Christmas pajamas had always appeared on Christmas Eve night. Often times they were matching jammies for the whole family. Each was hidden, tied with ribbon, and found with a tag that reads, “With Love, Jammie Claus.” As a child, it was a family tradition that my brother, sister, and I looked forward to in anticipation that Christmas was near. I cherished the feeling of being wrapped in love with this simple gift that appeared from Jammie Claus. 

Megan Holmes with son, Owen, on Christmas Eve 2019. #christmasjammies #matchingjammies

In the moment that Owen asked the question, I knew it was time to share the story of the woman everyone knows of--but knows nothing about--Mrs. Claus. So often women are erased from history or their contributions are minimized. Our goal with this book is to elevate Mrs. Claus, give voice to her purpose and role during Christmas, and bring to light a woman leader who spreads unconditional kindness and love throughout the world.

This story has been passed on for generations in our family and now shared with you from four generations of first-born-daughters (pictured). 

We are grateful to be sharing our family tradition with your family. Our hope is that it will become your family tradition too.

With love, Megan Holmes

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