Start a New Tradition!

Hello! I am Mrs. Claus. I am so happy to be sharing my story with you today! For many years, I have been spreading unconditional love, joy and kindness throughout the world by delivering Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve. This year, I can come to your home!

The alzas and I made this Jammie Claus Bag especially for you--with love tucked into each seam. On Christmas Eve day, please leave your Jammie Claus Bag out for me. Before bedtime, I will fill it with Christmas pajamas that were made just for you, tie your Bag with a bow, and then hide it for you to find. 

With love, Jammie Claus


Jammie Claus Coloring Pages

Enjoy coloring pages and illustrations taken directly from the Jammie Claus book.

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Jammie Claus Gingerbread Cookie Recipe

Jammie Claus has shared her signature gingerbread cookie recipe for you to make at home. Use this and her Sleigh Cookie Cutter to make your own Jammie Claus Gingerbread sleigh to decorate.

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Amplifying Women’s Leadership for our Kids through Mrs. Claus

Ever wondered why we do not know much about her? Does Mrs. Claus have a first name? Is there more to her than just being the ‘woman behind the man...

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Who are the Alzas?

“Hello world!” says the alzas! Standing approximately 7 inches tall and weighing between 2 to 4 ounces, these small but magical Christmas helpers a...

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