Charitable Mission

The Jammie Claus Company is a social enterprise committed to empowering women and promoting resilience in children.

Our vision is to spread unconditional love and kindness.

Founded in 2019, the Jammie Claus Company launched its cornerstone book titled “Jammie Claus: The Christmas Tradition of Unconditional Giving.” The book is about the woman everyone knows but knows nothing about—Mrs. Claus—and has key messages of female empowerment, unconditional love, and spreading kindness. Written from a female empowerment lens, the goal with this book was to elevate Mrs. Claus (better known as Jammie Claus), give voice to her purpose and role during Christmas, and bring to light a woman leader who spreads unconditional kindness and love throughout the world.

In the book, Jammie Claus wears an Empowerment Head Scarf as a reminder that she is a strong, confident, and loving female leader. In fulfilling its charitable mission, the Jammie Claus Company has partnered with Cleveland Sews workforce program to revitalize the sewing industry via the empowerment of underserved individuals.Through this partnership, the Empowerment Head Scarf is handmade with love in Cleveland, OH. Its uniqueness is the result of empowered women learning new sewing skills. 100% of profit supports the Cleveland Sews workforce program creating sustainable income for the sewers.

The Jammie Claus Company is committed to supporting non-profit organizations and charities that promote resilient children and empower women. At this time here is a list of causes and organizations we are partnering with and supporting.



Cleveland Sews

The Jammie Claus Company has partnered with Cleveland Sews and their workforce program to revitalize the sewing industry via the empowerment of underserved adults and youth. Cleveland Sews workforce program is designed to create sustainable incomes for economically disenfranchised adults and youth.

Cleveland Sews and Cosmic Bobbins

Jammie Drive 2019 & 2020

The Jammie Claus Company ran a GoFundMe campaign that last 2 years that raised money and gifted pajamas to children in shelters. We partnered with shelters in Bakersfield, CA and Cleveland, Ohio. This is an annual event and can donate here for 2021. It is estimated 111,000 children will spend Christmas Eve in a Shelter this year. This is just another way we are living out the message of unconditional giving. 

Spread Love - Jammie Drive 2019

Independence Through Grace - Grover Family Foundation

Independence Through Grace is a faith-based enrichment program enhancing the lives of adults with intellectual and development disabilities. We have partnered with them to expand the reach of the Jammie Drive and gifting copies of the Jammie Claus book set. 

Independence through Grace - Grover Family Foundation

Santa Rosa Stitches

Santa Rosa Stitches is a group of women in Chiltiupan, El Salvador, a small remote village in the municipality of La Libertad. For most of these women there is no way to earn a living as there is no formal economy in Chilitiupan. This is one of the poorest villages in El Salvador, as there is a 98% unemployment rate in the village. Most of these women don’t have electricity and work at night by candle light. Their homes are made of corrugated steel and have a dirt floor.

With the proceeds from Santa Rosa Stitches these women have been able to send their children to school, make improvements to their homes, obtain healthcare, and help feed their families. Santa Rosa Stitches has helped these ladies develop a new sense of confidence and a stronger voice in their village. Visit their facebook page for more:


Santa Rosa Stitches logo

Women's Inspired Network Park City

Women's Inspired Network (WIN) is a place to genuinely connect without competitive pressure, to inspire and be inspired, to experience personal and professional growth, and to support our community by raising money for high school scholarships, women-owned business grants and female athlete sponsorship.

WIN Park City