Amplifying Women’s Leadership for our Kids through Mrs. Claus

Amplifying Women’s Leadership for our Kids through Mrs. Claus

Ever wondered why we do not know much about her?

  • Does Mrs. Claus have a first name?
  • Is there more to her than just being the ‘woman behind the man’ (i.e., Santa)?
  • Does Mrs. Claus have a role other than baking cookies?

These are all questions my wife, daughter, mother-in-law, and grandmother-in-law reveal in a new book they authored to share the legend of Mrs. Claus. It is a legend that has been passed down for generations in our family and with the season upon us, we are excited to share it with you. Even more so, I see it as an opportunity to amplify and recognize a woman leader that many have grown up with, but probably know little about. The book shines light on her role and purpose while also offering a playful way of elevating women during a time honored holiday tradition that has historically been focused on the male figure, Santa.

For generations in my wife’s family, Christmas pajamas had always appeared on Christmas Eve night. Each was hidden, tied with ribbon, and found with a tag that reads, “With Love, Jammie Claus.” Growing up, my wife, Megan, cherished the feeling of being wrapped in love with this simple gift that appeared from Jammie Claus. It was a tradition that her siblings looked forward to knowing that Christmas was near. The tradition was shared with me when we started dating in 2001 and in 2009 we passed this family tradition onto our children when Jammie Claus delivered Christmas pajamas for our daughter’s first Christmas. On Christmas Eve of 2018, my son, Owen, asked Megan the question “Who is Jammie Claus?” In that moment, Megan knew it was time to share the story of the woman everyone knows of–but knows nothing about–Mrs. Claus.

The answers to the questions that I started the article with are yes.

  • Yes, Mrs. Claus has a first and last name. Her full name is Holly Kringle-Claus, which means Kris Kringle-Claus took her name too. She also goes by Jammie Claus because she delivers pajamas on Christmas Eve.
  • Yes, she is more than the ‘woman behind the man.’ She is smart, creative, kind, and loving. She gives pajamas unconditionally on Christmas Eve because she wants each child to feel safe, loved, valuable, and worthy.
  • Yes, she has a role other than baking cookies. As tradition stands, she is a great baker. But she puts those skills to use beyond making sweet treats for Santa. You see, she flies in a gingerbread sleigh. And when she flies on Christmas Eve to deliver pajamas, she charts the path for Santa to deliver his Christmas gifts.

We invite you to read the book to see how traditional aspects are remembered while these added details will expand children’s view of Mrs. Claus. When you think about it, it is astonishing that centuries have gone by with little recognition or notice of Mrs. Claus. All women deserve to be seen and heard. It is time to elevate Mrs. Claus, give voice to her purpose and role during Christmas, and bring light to a woman leader who spreads unconditional kindness and love throughout the world.

I am so proud of the women in my life and these four generations of first-born-daughters who put forth tremendous effort to create a way of sharing this experience with you: “Jammie Claus: The Christmas Tradition of Unconditional Giving."

My hope is this will become your family tradition and it may spark a conversation on the importance of women leaders, both in legend and in real life! -- Scott Holmes

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