Start a New Tradition

Jammie Claus 1, 2, 3, 4 and start a new tradition

Who is Jammie Claus?

The woman everyone knows, but knows nothing about -- Mrs. Claus! 

What is the Tradition?

Mrs. Claus delivers pajamas by filling the Jammie Claus bag and hiding it somewhere fun for a child, young and old 😉,to find and open on Christmas Eve. She wants every child to feel loved while wearing their pajamas and sometimes matching family pajamas that night as they wait for Santa to come. 

How Do You Start the Tradition?

You can invite Jammie Claus into your home by leaving out a Jammie Claus bag for each child before Christmas Eve. The Book and Bag set comes with the full story of Jammie Claus and one bag for your child to enjoy year after year. You can purchase additional bags for Jammie Claus to leave one for each child or she can be pretty magical at trying to squeeze a couple pajama sets into one bag. 

Jammie Claus Book and Bag Set

Customer Reviews 

Jammie Claus is a beautiful Christmas story filled with inspirational messages and hidden holiday treasures for every person! The tradition of Christmas Eve pajamas hidden in high quality festive sack is a must for the whole family. I can't wait to fill my sack and share this story with my kids. Thank you for this magical bit of Mrs. Claus!

Joann Daniel
Department of Social Sciences and Health Policy
Wake Health

Jammie Claus gives curious kids (and kids at heart) some answers to longstanding questions about Santa and the inner workings of the North Pole. By giving Mrs. Claus an identity, a backstory, and her own magical talents, the authors open readers’ eyes to her pivotal role. My son was so excited to read about Holly Kringle-Claus and share the news with his little sisters. We will definitely welcome her and her jimmies into our home for years to come.

Thank you for writing this story- I can’t wait to order copies for all of our little friends!

Kerry Crawford, PhD
Associate Professor of Political Science
James Madison University

I'm always searching for stories about strong women to share with my two young boys. Jammie Claus is a refreshing backstory for Mrs. Claus, and I am particularly excited that her story involves gifting without condition - no naughty or nice list here!

Erin Friedman, PhD
Biology Professor and Mom of 2
University of Lynchburg