Jammie Claus - Sleigh Cookie Cutter


Bring a touch of Jammie Claus magic to your holiday baking with our Jammie Claus Sleigh Cookie Cutter! Each Christmas Eve, Jammie Claus bakes a gingerbread cookie sleigh, and the Alzas magically enlarge it. Now, you can use this cookie cutter to create your very own Jammie Claus Sleigh at home and add a festive charm to your holiday treats.


  • High-Quality Material: Made from durable 7" stainless steel, this cookie cutter is designed to last, ensuring you can make delicious gingerbread sleighs year after year.
  • Festive Design: Create beautifully shaped sleigh cookies that will delight family and friends, bringing the Jammie Claus story to life in your kitchen.
  • Recipe Included: The Jammie Claus original gingerbread cookie recipe can be found here. Follow the recipe to bake delicious cookies that capture the magic of Christmas Eve.

Product Details:

  • 7" Stainless Steel Cookie Cutter
  • Cake stand and cooking icing not included

Why You'll Love It: This cookie cutter isn’t just a kitchen tool—it’s a way to bring the enchanting Jammie Claus story into your home. Gather your loved ones, roll out the dough, and create delightful sleigh cookies that add a magical touch to your holiday celebrations.

 Please Note: The magical Alzas are not included to help enlarge the sleigh. So while you might not be able to ride in this sleigh, it will sure taste delicious!



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